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Classic Summer

Michael R Davis, aka "The Kid", plays trumpet in Dandy Wellington's band

A dapper party-goer, Michael R. Davis, and Dandy Wellington at the Seersucker Social

We made our way down to Washington DC once again for the Seersucker Social put on by a purely social endeavor:  Dandies and Quaintrelles.  I don't think we have anything like this in NYC, do we?  It's not a club, not a business, but a social group that puts on events to get people to, well, socialize.

There have been a lot of summer activities and I've been getting out more than usual (yay!), so "Classic Summer" seems to be the theme here on The Dandy Portraits.  A bit of vintage, bit of dandy, bit of Americana - whatever you want to call it, the men I'm meeting strive to dress well no matter what the god awful heat.   By the way, why is a boater a summer hat?  They are so hot to wear!

060912_1099_lores_bw 060912_1102_lores
This man with the great stripes came up to say hello to Wellington, and it turns out he is a fan of The Dandy Portraits!  Now if I could just remember his name.... Help me out if you know him please.

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