Swagger Behind the Camera

Guerre with his camera in Harlem, Nov 2010
This is when I met Guerre.  He was photoing all the dappper guys out front of the Dandy Lion: Behold a Gentleman exhibit for his blog Swagger360.  He had the coolest camera bag I have ever seen, which will remain a secret (sorry!).

Guerre just had an exhibit and video made about his street style photos of elegant men.  He comes across a lot of amazingly stylish folks, and his photos seem effortless, but I know better - photographing people on the street is not as easy as it looks!  But I can see why he nabs the best of 'em - he is a "gentleman of nonchalant elegance" himself.

"Oh What a Lovely Precious Dream"

Michael Andrews looking dapper in front of an abandoned church, Harlem, Nov 6, 2010
The blog title is from the song "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black" written by Nina Simone.  I was reminded of it because of the video Michael Andrews participated in called Black Ivy by the Street Etiquette fellas.  Definitely click thru and take a look.  It captures the zeitgeist perfectly.

I met Michael thru Matt of Fine & Dandy Shop when we collaborated on a style profile of him.  It coincided with the Dandy Lion...Behold a Gentleman exhibit opening that day in Harlem.  Lotsa activity and meeting new creative, stylish, kind people.  So beforehand we all ran around the neighborhood making portraits.  Afterwards we all walked and talked and had brunch.  I wish we had been able to do this before our photos, because after I got a much better sense of his spirit - a writer with big dreams and an instantly endearing sense of adventure.  Michael wants to travel the world and explore and find stories.  He is young, but knows the importance of character.  


A Flower is a Flower

Doran at home in San Francisco, May 2009
If you are intimidated, I understand.  He ain't playing.  However, the carnation makes me smile.  It's the under appreciated, scrappy flower.  Give it a chance why don't you?

Mad Plaid



More shots of Jose Lemus in the Sportsmen's Lodge in LA.  Again - the details!  And yes, that is  a green clutch bag he is sporting.  I could really see how much time and consideration goes into assembling his outfits.  Jose obviously takes great joy in this, and I am glad to show my appreciation thru my portraits.  I think stylish men need more appreciation!

These days with all the style bloggers out and about (at least in the big cities), I think stylish folks are getting more attention, and perhaps this attention is making all people dress just a little bit better - ?  I can only hope, and hope dies last ;)

Today's Tie

Jose Lemus at the Sportsmen's Lodge, LA, Oct 2010
Jose has a great style tumblr called Today's Tie.  For our shoot he had different eyeglass frames for each look.  It's all in the details.  I love the look of concentration on his face as he adjusts his leopard spot tie in the mirror.
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