Dr. Churchwell takes Manhattan


Dr. Andre Churchwell, the esteemed cardiologist from Tennessee, recently visited NYC, and Bruce Boyer thought we should meet.  I think he was right!  Here you see Dr. Churchwell sporting his "mill suit" inspired by the Duke of Windsor, and tailored by Leonard Logsdail.  This suit makes a terrific impression, and it seems to have become quite legendary - I mean, it has it's own name!  He likes to add vintage touches - like these bright yellow felt braces and tie bar - but prefers bespoke suits, as do his two brothers whom I have yet to meet (but you know I will!).

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6903_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6877_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6937_lores

The frames he wears are bespoke, too, inspired by glasses Cary Grant once wore.  This detail goes only part way to describe Dr. Churchwell's fine-tuned fascination with classic films, and the clothes worn by those legends of style.  And as we walk we talk about how being a gentleman is not just in how a person dresses, but in their actions - or as Dr.  Churchwell puts it - in their civility to each other.

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6697_bw_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6656_rt2_lores

Stopping in for a visit to his longtime tailor, Len Logsdail.

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6669_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6663_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6714_lores

I just love these amazing embroidered vintage braces!  The suit and colors are classic and a bit understated, and then open up the jacket and voila!  Having fun, but always the gentleman.

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6834_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6841_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6837_lores


  1. A real pleasure to see your portraits of this stylish man.

  2. That guy is just unbelievably stylish. Every time I see a picture of him he looks incredible.
    One can only hope to sometime reach that level of personal style.

    Great pictures and great blog...
    Keep it up...

  3. Good Lord, these pics are insane! What a stylish gentleman.

  4. Good Lord, these pics are insane! What a stylish gentleman.

  5. That DB suit is a vision on him! Astounding style.

  6. The gentleman knows how to live! It's the accessories that really set off his look, the flower, handkerchief, cufflinks and is that a diamond tie pin? Love his style and demur.....

  7. Bunny

    I have just read his article in The Chap magazine (Mr Churchwell), so if you ever read this Sir, the world is a better place for you and your father being in it. The article brought a smile to my face.


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