Time to Shine

Dandy Wellington at the Seersucker Social, Washington DC, June 2011

Well, I don't feel like we have earned our springtime this year, due to the absurdly mild winter, but it's here none the less - and that's a good enough reason to celebrate!  This set of bright and sunny shots are from the Seersucker Social in Washington DC at the Hillwood Estate last year.  I went down with journalist Nathaniel "Natty"Adams and Mr. Bray on assignment for the legendary UK magazine The Chap.  By a strange twist of fate the story ran in in depths of winter.  Now that the birds are chirping, it seems like the perfect time to finally give them their moment on the blog. 

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Mr. Bray's pocket puff and boater

The official American correspondent for The Chap, Nathaniel "Natty" Adams, working hard in his lime green seersucker.

NathanielAdams_060411_4613_lores 060411_4753_lores
Natty did a costume change...into a three piece pink seersucker suit from Doyle Mueser.  The kind of suit that says, "I will conquer the DC heat with my mind alone!"

Just look at him...he was even more amazing than you see.   Lots of inspiration down in DC.

060411_4711_lores IzzyAster_060411_4931_lores
Vaudeville performer Izzy Aster's bow tie

060411_4746_lores NathanielAdams_060411_4943_lores
A bit like old Calcutta

Eric Channing Brewer after the Seersucker Social, Washington DC, June 2011

Eric is the founder of Dandies and Quaintrelles, the DC group responsible for getting nine hundred people (yes, nine hundred), to wear seersucker...or at least support the wearing of seersucker.  Bravo!

Dandyism.net Interview

They called me "Wild Dandyish Rose", which I kind of like.  Thanks to Mr. Mattis for his interest in the project and the opportunity to state my case in praise of exquisite gentlemen.

Michael Mattis flashing the Elk's sign in Shroeder's Restaurant, San Francisco, Oct 2010

The Dandy Portraits debuts short film about Sean Crowley

Remember Sean Crowley?  The not easily forgotten tie maven and exquisite Anglophile living in Brooklyn has inspired a short film as part of The Dandy Portraits!  For this portrait Mr. Crowley gives us a rare peep into his world, where there is always time for tea.

The film was made by Rarebit Productions,  a creative partnership between me and my betrothed, Kelly Desmond Bray.  We filmed at Sean's apartment, and also paid a visit to Bobby From Boston and met Bobby Garnett, the owner of the esteemed vintage clothing store in Boston where Sean worked when he was just out of college.   Every inch of Sean's brownstone apartment is filled with his collections (and Meredith might have a shoe or two in there), but to my surprise when I left his environment I felt inspired.  I thought I would feel the need to clear clutter immediately, but instead I could see the delight that comes from having beautiful things surround you.   Enjoy!

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