The Enormity of Ties with Mr. Crowley

Sean Crowley's tie collection, Brooklyn, Feb 2011
How does one go about choosing a tie when you have a selection like this?  Sean Crowley, a neckwear designer himself, has literally thousands to choose from.  I imagined that he might just cover his eyes and let fate take over when it came to the enormity of his tie choices, but after talking to him I realize he does not suffer from this dilemma. In fact, the tie isn't even the first thing he thinks of when deciding what to wear.  He says this process does not happen in a regimented way, rather he might be inspired by an occasion or a certain piece of clothing that seems right for that day.  In this last installment of my visit to Mr. Crowley, we see him in a typical work wear outfit.

Sean Crowley at home with his ties, Brooklyn, Feb 2011

His tie clip has a delicate fox head over a polo mallet.

A selection of vintage cricket caps 


Leisure Time at Mr. Crowley's

Quite impressive home bar!  This is the second installment of my epic visit to Sean Crowley's Brooklyn home.  Today you will see him mix up a very tasty cocktail...while dressed down for leisure.

When I ask him what cocktail has he been enjoying lately, he says his tastes have leaned toward straight whiskey.   I suppose to accommodate me as a guest, he picked up his cocktail book and blindly picked a page at random - The Brooklyn it is!

His homemade Amer Picon



This moment makes me very happy.

This pretty much sums up my experience of visiting Meredith and Sean... A fun-loving and kind duo, with impeccable taste.  Oh and check how far an antique seltzer bottle can spray water here!

Next up - the workwear...

Mr. Crowley - Gentlemen Prefer Tweed

Sean Crowley in vintage bespoke tweed at home in Brooklyn, February 2011
First installment of selects from my epic visit to neckwear designer Sean Crowley and the lovely Meredith Modzelewski.  The amazing collections in their home could fill a whole book - a fantastic coffee table book that everyone would just ooh and ahh over.  I have posted a few extra details here.  There could also be a whole book on Mr. Crowley's ties - but that's for the final installment kids!




Sean Crowley at home in Brooklyn, February 2011
We had tea in these gigantic tea cups!   Everywhere I looked there were delightful paintings, clothes, books, these cool metal bell weights, cricket caps, top hats, embroidered crests, ties, ties, bow ties, and more gigantic tea cups, etc. etc.  His predilection is for Anglophilia.  That just sounds bad, but it's not.  We shared the fact that we may just be two of the three or four Americans with subscriptions to The Chap!

Mr. Crowley, Part 1


felted acid yellow suspenders
Just a sneak peek at a few details from my visit with Mr. Crowley and Ms. Modzelewski on Sun.  There will be portraits, pipe smoke, pajamas, cocktails, and ties-ties-ties!   I had this great feeling of giddiness as I left their epic apt, and could not get home fast enough to look at the pictures.
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