Mr. Crowley - Gentlemen Prefer Tweed

Sean Crowley in vintage bespoke tweed at home in Brooklyn, February 2011
First installment of selects from my epic visit to neckwear designer Sean Crowley and the lovely Meredith Modzelewski.  The amazing collections in their home could fill a whole book - a fantastic coffee table book that everyone would just ooh and ahh over.  I have posted a few extra details here.  There could also be a whole book on Mr. Crowley's ties - but that's for the final installment kids!




Sean Crowley at home in Brooklyn, February 2011
We had tea in these gigantic tea cups!   Everywhere I looked there were delightful paintings, clothes, books, these cool metal bell weights, cricket caps, top hats, embroidered crests, ties, ties, bow ties, and more gigantic tea cups, etc. etc.  His predilection is for Anglophilia.  That just sounds bad, but it's not.  We shared the fact that we may just be two of the three or four Americans with subscriptions to The Chap!


  1. Beautiful photographs! I love that suit and the slippers are simply incredible! Is it wrong I want to wear this outfit head to toe?

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