In Paris...

Mickael Loir and Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola at Cafe Nemours, Paris, Sept 2013

I've been in Paris a few days, seeing old friends and making a few new ones.  Soon enough I'll be back in NYC, so I'm trying to just enjoy the this one.  

On Sept 30 will be the Paris launch of I am Dandy with two celebrations!  More on that on the I am Dandy facebook page.  

I am Dandy at Steven Hitchcock's


On Sept 19 Steven Hitchcock and the lovely Celia hosted a party for I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman at their new shop at 11 Saint George Street in London.  They have only recently moved into this beautiful location filled with many original fixtures from 1920s, so the party was also a bit of a "shop warming" for them.   Since Natty and I had only a week in London for the book, we thought to make the most of it!  Steven's party was the perfect compliment to our launch at Gieves and Hawkes.  Many thanks to the gracious hosts who kept the champagne flowing!

"I am Natty"

Everyone always gathers in the back room... "Butler", Steven Hitchcock, John Hitchcock, Jake Mueser, and Natty Adams  having a good time.  This reminds me of this famous photo.

092013_9362_lores 092013_9297_lores 092013_9324_lores
I got to finally meet the legendary John Hitchcock, Steven's father.


If you are in London, I recommend visiting Steven and Celia.  They also have a limited number of I am Dandy for sale - and I think there just might be a few signed copies left!

A Time to Celebrate - I am Dandy London book launch

The scene at the London book launch at Gieves and Hawkes for 

Me and Natty at the entrance display to Gieves and Hawkes

For the most part I feel like my work is never done - I'm never satisfied and I always think I could have done better.  I know that sounds horrible, but I've come to realize this is the natural state of most artists and anyone with a creative drive - so eloquently described by Martha Graham in her famous letter to Agnes de Mille.  BUT the lesson that all the years and late nights have taught me is that there are times to celebrate, there are times to just enjoy the moment - and that time is now!

I don't think I could have imagined a better party for the launch of I am Dandy than the one thrown on Sept 17 at Gieves and Hawkes at No. 1 Savile Row in London.

There was Gieves itself - the iconic address and fantastic party location.  The team there did and amazing job to make sure it all went off like clockwork (Thanks Jolyon and William!).  Balvenie and Reyka vodka provided delicious drinks.  Lina and Emma at Gestalten were an incredible help.  There were many new faces, and many familiar ones, including nearly all the men featured in the book from London - no small feat indeed!  In one room!

091813_8973_lores_bw 091813_8967_lores_bw
The friendly faces of Theo Osborn, Barima, Celia, Steven Hitchcock, and Winston Chesterfield

When asked to say a few words I did that very thing.  Two of them were "thank you" and the other four were "beauty and elegance matter".  I'm exaggerating only slightly.  To be completely honest I was so moved by the support I felt all around me that I don't think I could have said much more without, well, being a little too emotional.  Here is what I meant:

What I've learned from all the men I've photographed for the book and beyond is that beauty matters, elegance matters.  It is not frivolous, and it is not just skin deep.  The world can be hideous, but we create our world, we create what we see all around us.  Why not create elegance, why not seek beauty?  It profoundly changes everything.  I am inspired by these men, and I thank them for this.  

A very special thank you to Ray Frensham for setting the wheels in motion to collaborate with Gieves, and Against Nature/Doyle Mueser for making my extremely fun to wear suit!

091813_8934_lores book4_lores
Zack MacLeod Pinsent, Michael "Atters" Attree,  Ray Frensham

book1_lores book3_lores
Tony Sylvester and Barima

Tony our doorman for the evening gets his book signed by Natty

Ray Frensham talks to Russian TV

The one, the only - Robin Dutt

My view from the stage...

Please do check out the great set of photos and post that Kelly Rene Miller did for her blog Vintage Vault  and the post Stewart Gibson of did. 

Note:  photos not marked are by Kelly Desmond Bray

I am Dandy: London Launch Party

Join us for the London launch of my book  I am Dandy at Gieves and Hawkes, No1 Savile Row.
Tuesday September 17 -  6:00-8:00PM 

Space is limited so RSVP now:

Come out in your FINEST dandy attire!

Stay tuned for more LONDON events... or better yet follow on facebook and instagram

I am Dandy - The Journey Begins

Happy beyond belief with the book. Life is but a wonderful dream! #IamDandy
My advanced copy of I am Dandy, finally in my hands!

It's a bit obvious these days that I've been neglecting the meaty posts here on The Dandy Portraits.  But you can understand, what with THE BOOK just about to launch!  Very exciting times.  Most of the action is happening on my instagram these days - so head on over and take a look - I use #IamDandy for all the book related posts.  It's just so easy to use on the go - and the video function is pretty fun too!  I'm also posting to the facebook page for the book.

I'll be in London and Paris later this month, and you bet there will be a lot of documentation.

Here's the moment I actually unwrapped my copy of the book...well, it is big, you'll see!

The image below was posted by Marc Sifuentes of the first spotting of the book in Paris.  I don't even know him!

My book is in PARIS! #IamDandy spotted by @marcsifuentes cc @nattyadams

Dandy Wellington playing around with my advanced copy at Against Nature...

Doing a little time in front of the camera for for their upcoming video on the book.  I'm trying!  I feel the pain of all those who don't like the camera.

Nice folks filming nervous little me for a video about the book #IamDandy

And as my advanced copy makes the rounds, I get to witness people experiencing the project for the first time, which gives me a whole new perspective on the work.  It brings up some damn good discussions, too!

@tansyburlesque and lady friend having a look at my book #IamDandy #ladieslovewelldressedmen #lifeisbutadream
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