Mr. Yamato and his White Linen Suit

Andrew Yamato, Brooklyn, March 2013

You get the feeling right about this time in July that it will never be cold again, never chilly enough to wear tweed.  You almost give up hope (that comes in August).  Everyone just melts.  Well, let this photo be an inspiration!  How can it get better than a vintage white linen suit? 

The funny part was that it was taken on a very cold day in March.  I think there were still snow flurries happening, but I cajoled Andrew to do some shots outside in that beautiful Edward Hopper light streaming down Grand St in Williamsburg.   With my "summer goggles" on now, sitting at one very warm laptop, it looks every bit a man keeping his cool amidst the headiest days of Summer in the City.

Time to go have a cocktail and not move so fast.

PS - Andrew is a great film maker as well.  Check out this video he produced for A Suitable Wardrobe about the RISD Artist/Rebel/Dandy exhibit
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