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Sean Crowley and Andrew Yamato are not on instagram, but you should be!

Are you using instagram, the mobile photo sharing app?  Follow along with me @rcallahanphoto  I use tags #dandyportraits and #iamdandy most frequently, but I post many other adventures as well - like a recent weekend away with the tweed crew above that got dubbed #fancycamp.  It has been a fantastic way to connect with interesting new people - like the man sitting at the bus stop below.  He is John Carlos De Luna and calls himself Barrio Dandy.  Kelly and I met him one beautiful afternoon in his hometown hood of Boyle Heights in East LA.   Follow him and the rest of these dapper men...

John Carlos De Luna @barriodandy

Ignacio Quiles @sartorialparings

Ethan @theteenagegentleman and friend came by our Dapper Day book signing

Mike Haar @mikewillcutyou

Kelly Desmond Bray @kellfire

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I love to know about more!

Mariano & Luca Rubinacci talk with G. Bruce Boyer at FIT

An evening not to be missed.  It's free and open to all, but space is limited!  RSVP here   

G. Bruce Boyer and Luca Rubinacci at the opening of the Elegance in an Age of Crisis

Dandy Wellington Video Portrait

You may have caught a glimpse of Dandy Wellington around the streets of New York, on stage with his band, or on sites such as Humans of New York, or, of course, The Dandy Portraits and the pages of I am Dandy.  Or you might be seeing him for the first time.   In this film made by Rarebit Productions, a collaboration between my husband, Kelly Desmond Bray, and I, we wanted to find out more about the man who calls himself Dandy.

His wardrobe is larger than life, and his boutonniere often precedes him entering a room.  But for Wellington, dressing is the truest of joys - for him "life is a reason to get dressed up".  It's an act of self-creation informed by being a native New Yorker - a place where people aren't afraid to "be bright, be bold".  All the world is a stage and he certainly doesn't "wanna get caught in sweatpants".  How true!

Special thanks to the band featuring Vinny Raniolo (guitar), Eric Wheeler (bass), Ricky Alexander (reed), and Mike Davis (trumpet).  They were recorded live at Hotel Chantelle performing "Lulu's Back in Town" by Al Dubin and Harry Warren, and "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" by Fred E. Ahlert and Joe Young.

I am Dandy Panel at FIT - March 5

A unique opportunity to geek out on dandyism, menswear, personal style vs trend, and if there really is a "return of the elegant gentleman".  Love it or hate it, let your viewpoint be known!

Elegance in an Age of Crisis - Opening Party

Bruce Boyer and Luca Rubinacci

Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s exhibit is now open at the Museum at FIT from Feb 7 - April 19, 2014.  I was lucky enough to be at the opening festivities where I saw many old friends, Dandy Portrait subjects, and some new ones too, like Luca Rubinacci visiting from Milan.  Best of all I got to celebrate with Bruce Boyer and Patricia Mears, both of whom have been working on this darn exhibit and book tirelessly for at least a year now.  Bravo to them, and all the others involved, namely Andrew Yamato who was commissioned to make a film for the show!  It is an inspiring exhibit that should not be missed.

More photos of the party-goes and exhibit can be viewed here.


I had a good time talking with Luca Rubinacci, who lent suits from his grandfather's collection for the exhibit.  He told me what he enjoys about dressing are the sometimes hidden details that are just for himself - the lining, the print on a pocket square (a map of Italy), or this curious chili pepper charm attached to his lapel pin.  It stays tucked away in his pocket, until...

020514_9585_lores 020514_9586_lores 020514_9692_lores
Patricia Mears

Andrew Yamato

David Coggins and Sean Crowley

Robert Bryan and Cator Sparks


Shannon Hill and Anthony Kirby

020514_9644_lores 020514_9619_lores 020514_9639_lores 020514_9630_lores 020514_9610_lores
Natty Adams and Bruce Boyer

020514_9590_lores 020514_9670_lores
Michelle Coursey and Matthew Karl Gale

Gretchen Fenston (she made that hat!)

Laura Kimsey

Soirée Impériale


When someone asks me, "Would you like to go to a royalty event?" I always say YES.

Please enjoy these photos from the Soirée Impériale, a party to celebrate 400 years of the Romanoff Dynasty and the Russian New Year held at the Racquet and Tennis Club in Manhattan.  It was formal event, but I love how some of the men had their own take on formalwear - plus their unique badges of course.  A few of the ladies were wearing a designer's (name to come) interpretation of royal court costumes, which I thought were quite lovely.

Thank you to Edward di Lamporecchio, and the very sweet Princess Lucretia Obolensky for having me!  You can view full set of photos here.

011314_8565_lores 011314_8536_lores
Edward di Lamporecchio

011314_8529_lores 011314_8532_lores 011314_8580_lores
Prince Rostislav Romanoff - His bow tie had little skull and cross bones!

011314_8562_lores 011314_8638_lores 011314_8645_lores 011314_8664_lores 011314_8602_Lores

I am Dandy at Dapper Day in LA!

It's fine and dandy at the #jazzagelawnparty @finendandyshop

Have you heard of Dapper Day?

It is the event where over ten thousand people visit Disneyland just for the purposes of wearing their "Sunday best"!  Yes, you heard it right, thousands of people simply want to dress up nice and have a good time.  For the upcoming Dapper Day festivities in Los Angeles Feb 22-23 Natty and I were invited by founder Justing Jorgensen to have a party for I am Dandy which will include a talk and Q&A, cocktails, shoeshines by John Allan's, and various give aways for the "most dandy" of the crowd.

"Let's Talk Dandy" was just announced for Saturday Febuary 22, 2014 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.
It's free and open to all, but you MUST RSVP

We will be out in LA for a few extra days, and I'm curious about meeting more dandies out there...if you have any recommends please let me know at dandyportraits at gmail.  Be sure to follow me on instagram @rcallahanphoto to see the journey

Photo of Enrique of FineAndDandyShop.com at the Jazz Age Lawn Party, 2012
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