Dandy Wellington - Harlem Rhythm


My good friend Dandy Wellington has just released his debut EP "Harlem Rhythm"!  The four tracks - three original compositions - are terrific toe tappers.  I especially love the title track which transports me to just the best party of my dreams.  What I've always loved about Dandy Wellington and His Band is that they create a mood where ever they go.  Their jazz seems to make the night a bit more adventurous, the light a bit more dreamy, the dancers a bit more romantic.   Now you can create that mood whenever you want - this technology thing is brilliant!


The debut of Harlem Rhythm was also an opportunity for me and Dandy to collaborate on a photo shoot.  Even though I've photographed him many times over the five years we've known each other, we hadn't done a "proper" shoot since we first met on the original Dandy Portraits shoot we did for Fine and Dandy Shop in 2010!  We did a few looks, but this amazing midnight blue white tie and tails was just perfect for the cover.


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