We are Dandy at Fine and Dandy Shop NYC

Thanks to my good friends Matt Fox and Enrique Crame III of Fine and Dandy Shop for hosting a fabulous book signing party for We are Dandy on Dec 1! It was a wonderful kick off to the holiday season. Among the many dashing party-goers were Nicolas Pron and Kamau Hosten, both featured in the book. We nearly sold out (yay!) but I think there are still a few signed copies left. 
This is the ONLY place to get signed copies before Christmas! 

Fine and Dandy Shop
445 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 247-4847

Thanks to Brooklyn Gin for helping us all stay warm and talkative :)

Nicolas Pron and a few of his pages from We are Dandy

Natty and I with Kamau Hosten...in a beautiful black cashmere suit made by Secret Empire

WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1
Simon Cleveland

WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1
Thomas Crowley, who was featured in I am Dandy (along with Matt and Enrique of course!)

Lovely Tara Isabella Burton and Victoria L.

WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1
Was wonderful to meet Montgomery Frazier and Ben!

A shot of Mark Haldeman and James Aguiar from We are Dandy

Ladies love We are Dandy too! Kayla Ferguson, Victoria, Tara, and Sarah Worley

With the incredible American couture designer Maggie Norris!


With Ken Aoki and Masaichi Hasegawa of Gaziano and Girling...a photo to send to Masato Kawai and our other Japanese Dandy friends!

Thanks Brooklyn Gin - those were some delicious and festive looking gin and Hella tonics!

WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1 WeAreDandy_FineAndDandy_Dec1

We are Dandy NYC Book Launch, Part 2 at The Armoury

We are Dandy has officially LAUNCHED!
The New York City launch was a one-two punch: part 1 was "Dine with the Dandies" hosted by Modern Luxury, and part 2 was the glorious book signing party you see here
hosted by Mark Cho at his exquisite store The Armoury in Tribeca.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me and Natty! It was a rare moment to stop and feel proud of all the hard work. And what a great turn out! I enjoyed looking out into the crowd and seeing so many people I adore with such individual style. We had several of the dandies profiled in We are Dandy join us as honored guests, and the rest of the international roster were with us in spirit. We also had many I am Dandy book subjects with us too!

Special thanks to the great crew at The Armoury, our sponsors Modern Luxury, St Germain with Marlo Gamora, and Smooth Ambler with Lauren Barden. 

Photos by ace photographer and friend Jane Kratochvil
Full set of photos are here.

The dynamic duo...Mark Haldeman and James Aguiar  

With Mark Cho, owner of The Armoury

Jet-setting Butler was able to join us from Copenhagen for both nights!

Charming Richard Aloisio is featured in We are Dandy.

Did you wonder who was that man in the bear skin? It was Baron Ambrosia, aka Justin Fornal. His profile in We are Dandy is bound to surprise you...and not in the way you'd expect (hint: it's better than a bear skin story).

Good friend Matt Fox of Fine and Dandy Shop (and in I am Dandy) with ever sharp Kamau Hosten who is in We are Dandy.

The crew from Johannesburg was with us in spirit! Tony Maake, Ntabiso Sojane, Loux the Vintage Guru, Samkelo Boyde, and Fresh Sojane.

WEAREDANDY_Nov2016_jkratochvil_5371_lores WEAREDANDY_Nov2016_jkratochvil_5603_lores
You know this guy - Dandy Wellington!

Yes there were ladies! Amber Doyle (far right) and friends.

Debonaire Marlo Gamora was pouring fast and furious for St Germain.

Watch out he might cut you...Mike Haar.

Lovely ladies Sara Harper and Kayla Ferguson.

WEAREDANDY_Nov2016_jkratochvil_5318_lores WEAREDANDY_Nov2016_jkratochvil_5304_lores
A very dapper man I didn't get to meet (!) with Michelle Coursey.

Finally got to meet Ken Aoki, a friend of Masato Kawai. I felt closer to the Japanese Dandies because he was with us!

My buddies Mr. Burton and John John

Thomas P. Farley, aka Mr. Manners, and suave friend

Aren't they adorable? Meika and Warren Franz, owners of Another Man's Treasure vintage.

My girls Laura Kimsey and Maki Obara of Maison Murasaki

Frans Nieuwendam (middle), and Ralph Auriemma (right)

Did I say their were ladies?!? Kacie Marie, Darlene Elkanick, and Meredith Modzelewski

The Styleforum gang...Bruce Crooker, Denby Liu, and Butler

Natty and I went up to say a few words and I just had to capture the moment...so I grabbed Ken Aoki's phone and snapped my view...

My view from #WeAreDandy launch party at @thearmourynyc courtesy of Ken Aoki (thanks @masato.1958!) Thank you New York!! @nattyadams @gestalten thanks to our sponsors @stgermaindrinks @smoothambler @modernluxury WEAREDANDY_Nov2016_jkratochvil_5731_lores
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