Dandy Wellington, spats and all

Dandy Wellington at home in Harlem, Feb 2010
I appreciate that Wellington enjoys using the word "dandy".  He cultivates a persona - not a costume, but a character.   Walking thru his neighborhood he got a lot of attention (more than the white folks with the camera following him!), and this older fella walked passed and said, "I'm glad they're still doing it".  I understood, but it's hard to put in words.  Back in the day pretty much everyone was expected to dress more formally, but now it is a choice - and can be a bold decision.

Dandy Wellington near his home, Harlem, Feb 2010

Happy Father's Day

Antique portrait painting of father and son
Antique portrait painting of father and son found at an estate sale in Southampton, June 2011

Alan Flusser and his Go To Hell pants


Alan Flusser at his Custom Shop, shot for Gilt MANual's story on the GTH pants.  I went up and met The Trad, and we had a great time moving things about and cajoling Mr. Flusser to pose.   Flusser is the author of many style books, most recently Style and the Man, and is a designer of custom menswear.   I was thrilled to meet such an iconic figure in the menswear world!


Sneak Peek - Patrick McDonald and Robert W. Richards

Patrick McDonald at home in paisley and blue velvet, NYC, April 2011

Artist Robert W. Richards at home, NYC, April 2011

I have a couple of exciting new shoots that I wanted to give you a peek at...  First is the iconic dandy of New York, Patrick McDonald, who allowed me and Matt Fox of Fine and Dandy a rare glimpse at his home.  And next is the legendary artist, Robert W. Richards who told us stories of buying this Lanvin suit in Paris decades ago (it still fits!) and how Louise Brooks wrote him fan letters (!!)

Vintage Elegance: The Home of Robert E. Bryan

The living room
Robert E. Bryan has collected Art Deco and vintage modern for thirty plus years, and his elegant East Village home is a personal showcase for his collections.  Take a good look, and then another.  As I edited the set I kept noticing more and more details that I didn't have time to absorb when I was shooting.  This is what I love about photography - it allows you to look...as much as you desire.

The iconic portrait of the football player resembles Mr. Bryan, but is a found image.  It was reproduced on the back cover of his book American Fashion Menswear.  The other photos are family portraits.

Lovely ashtray inscribed with "Sonderkurs, Mai 1933"

I want that Savoy Cocktail Book!

Living room vignette

The entryway

The bedroom vanity.  Beautiful portrait is of his mother.

Mr. Bryan getting ready for a portrait

Tie label reads "The Chief - Hand Loomed by Indians"

Ties in the spare room are displayed for a visit by a collector

Mr. Bryan's vintage ring collection (!!)

A portion of the vintage record collection

Labels on the record collection

A kitchen vignette

Looking south towards the new construction in the Lower East Side from Mr. Bryan's kitchen
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