Alan Flusser and his Go To Hell pants


Alan Flusser at his Custom Shop, shot for Gilt MANual's story on the GTH pants.  I went up and met The Trad, and we had a great time moving things about and cajoling Mr. Flusser to pose.   Flusser is the author of many style books, most recently Style and the Man, and is a designer of custom menswear.   I was thrilled to meet such an iconic figure in the menswear world!



  1. Interesting. Does Alan Flusser have a blog?

  2. How did Flusser ever become an 'expert'? He's a fraud and a chancer. His books are full of opinion disguised as fact (e.g. 'Americans wore sack suits because they are generally larger people' !?) and he dresses himself either like a tramp or a clown.


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