Artist/Rebel/Dandy at RISD - Last Chance!

Patrick McDonald at the opening of Artist/Rebel/Dandy, April 2013

The wonderful Artist/Rebel/Dandy exhibit at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum is up only till Aug 18, so I implore you:  GO!

It is a very special exhibit years in the making, the likes of which we won't see again any time soon.  Anyways, make a little road trip to Providence - it's a great town!  Have some clam cakes and a Narragansett beer, then go enjoy the amazing array of suits and artifacts collected to celebrate the history, style, and character of dandies past and present.  You will see three prints there by me!

Enjoy these photos of the opening weekend festivities!  There are a lot more here.

Waris and Natty in front of their ensembles at the exhibit opening.  Suits by Against Nature, naturally.

Tom Wolfe makes a cameo

I looked longing for most of the time at Fred Astaire's white tie and tails.

The gala dinner took place at the historic Providence Public Library

Natty finally got to meet Dr. Andre Churchwell

Favorite photo of the night:  Churchwell's oyster colored dinner jacket. Wow.

Ignacio Quiles and Iké Udé chat after the gala dinner.  

After the tweed ride, out front of the RISD Museum

My portrait of Doran graces the entrance to the main exhibit hall.

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Guy Hills and Dashing Tweeds were prominently displayed in this section devoted to tailoring and craftsmanship.  Notice my portrait of Hugo Jacomet on the far right (and below).

042613_6553_lores 042613_7042_lores 042613_7034_lores

And to find out more about the Artist/Rebel/Dandy exhibit check out this great video Andrew Yamato made for A Suitable Wardrobe.
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