Sven from Gentleman's Gazette

Sven Raphael Schneider, Editor-in-Chief of Gentleman's Gazette,  NYC, Jan 2012

There is no replacement for meeting face to face.  For me it's a great adventure, and one of the reasons I love photographing people.  When Sven Raphael Schneider, whom I only knew from his online magazine, Gentleman's Gazette,  came to visit NYC I was curious to meet the man behind the scene.  Sven's focus on classic men's style is razor sharp, and I was surprised to find out it all started with his interest in vintage.  Sven described his vast collection menswear fashion illustrations, and my jaw dropped.  I can't even begin to fathom his other collections!  If he just posted about this it would undoubtedly fill up years on the blog, but of course he is also interested in reviewing specialty products, showcasing "Gentlemen of Style" (always my favorite), and cultivating savoir-vivre.  Sven is a true aficionado of classic menswear, and Gentleman's Gazette is his way of fine tuning the conversation.

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A bit of a surprise on the label of his suit never knows!

Style Notes:
Suit: Vintage 1960s bespoke from Hussmüller Munich, Germany with a rare double breasted waistcoat
Shirt: Modern Tailor 
Tie: Knit Silk Tie, Vintage
Pocket Square: Robert Talbott 
Silk Socks: green wool with shadow stripe - Fort Belvedere
Cufflinks: 14k Yellow Gold with Malachite – Fort Belvedere

Nick Wooster, Superhero in Disguise?

Nick Wooster, NYC, April 2012

The only title I can think of when I see this photo is "Able to Leap Small Buildings" :)   Nick Wooster projects the image of badass quite naturally, but he is from my experience very thoughtful and kind.   This was the second time I have photographed Mr. Wooster for Park and Bond, and this time I distinctly saw what a superhero character he is.  He walks down the street with purpose and intensity, like he has a invisible cape on.  Good guy, a true original.  

Not a dandy portrait, of course, but a little post in the meantime.
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