I am Dandy Panel at FIT - March 5

A unique opportunity to geek out on dandyism, menswear, personal style vs trend, and if there really is a "return of the elegant gentleman".  Love it or hate it, let your viewpoint be known!

Elegance in an Age of Crisis - Opening Party

Bruce Boyer and Luca Rubinacci

Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s exhibit is now open at the Museum at FIT from Feb 7 - April 19, 2014.  I was lucky enough to be at the opening festivities where I saw many old friends, Dandy Portrait subjects, and some new ones too, like Luca Rubinacci visiting from Milan.  Best of all I got to celebrate with Bruce Boyer and Patricia Mears, both of whom have been working on this darn exhibit and book tirelessly for at least a year now.  Bravo to them, and all the others involved, namely Andrew Yamato who was commissioned to make a film for the show!  It is an inspiring exhibit that should not be missed.

More photos of the party-goes and exhibit can be viewed here.


I had a good time talking with Luca Rubinacci, who lent suits from his grandfather's collection for the exhibit.  He told me what he enjoys about dressing are the sometimes hidden details that are just for himself - the lining, the print on a pocket square (a map of Italy), or this curious chili pepper charm attached to his lapel pin.  It stays tucked away in his pocket, until...

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Patricia Mears

Andrew Yamato

David Coggins and Sean Crowley

Robert Bryan and Cator Sparks


Shannon Hill and Anthony Kirby

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Natty Adams and Bruce Boyer

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Michelle Coursey and Matthew Karl Gale

Gretchen Fenston (she made that hat!)

Laura Kimsey

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