The Dandy of New York, Patrick McDonald

Patrick McDonald is larger than life - truly, fantastically.  His extravagant style is legendary, and has been recorded by many just as legendary photographers and artists (um...Bill Cunningham, Scavullo, Robert Richards!).  I knew from the beginning that The Dandy Portraits would not be complete without Patrick.  Of course when the rare opportunity came to finally meet him - at his home - I was more than a little nervous and insanely curious to find out what this man - who revels in being a dandy - is really like.

Over the phone Patrick, in his sweet urbane voice said, "my place, it's a bit bohemian", with a laugh.  I was charmed and even more intrigued.  So I headed over to his place with Mat Fox of Fine and Dandy Shop to investigate - or rather just to have some fun.  Matt just posted his interview here.

Beyond the top hats and eyebrows and blue velvet is a gentleman who understands the importance of good manners and character; he understands that the way one lives his life is an art, just as much dressing for each day is.  And in true dandy fashion, he cultivates a unique beauty in the most unlikely of environments.  With joy he quoted Bill Cunningham, who's documentary he appeared in, "He who seeks beauty will find it".

Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2751_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2682_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2681_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2776_lores
Artists need their muse.
Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2838_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2771 Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2702_lores
Hats by Rod Keenan fill his kitchen
Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2742_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2795_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2809 Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2813_lores Dandy_PatrickMcDonald_byRoseCallahan_042411_2827_lores


  1. Oh honey...let's talk about THE DANDIES! Exquisite imagery. Must share on my FB page!

  2. This is not a dandy. This is a fop.

  3. Remember that line in Rob Roy when the London dandy is duelling with the local rough and one of the lords betting says "My money's on the fop!"

  4. Patrick is an inspiration to Fashion and class. Adore him!!!


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