Dandy Portraits in Paris: Mickael Loir


He lives in a garret apartment up six flights in an old Paris building, probably one that would be common place to a Parisian, but to us, the Americans, it made us giddy with excitement. That afternoon was uncommonly warm and humid, and in the sky it could plainly be seen the reason why. We got in and said hi, and barely caught our breath and started snapping away when the thunderstorm broke. But it was so beautiful to watch it pour outside while he played the scratchy 78 on the his rickety electric phonograph. How could a moment be more perfect?

This is the universe of Mickael Loir.

I could sense the spirit of Paris in him and his surroundings - the history of surrealism and dada, of artists and whimsy, and of elegance. He showed me his creations - ribbon bow ties, lapel pins, and cufflinks made from vintage watch faces. It might be surprising, then, to find out he has a rather normal day job. I asked him if he dresses the same at work - because although it is not offensive to be elegant, it can be distracting. He says that he slowly got them accustomed to it - a collar here, a bow tie there - so now he dresses as he pleases. Although his look is very vintage, it is a mix of old and new, high and low. And in a city in love with fashion, he prefers to cut labels out of his clothes. But he is quick to say that it's not just the clothes; it's also the universe that one creates - friends, art, a crazy awesome thoroughly impractical English car, a bit of green on the otherwise grey terrace - that bring style to the whole endeavor.

MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2054_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2055_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2065_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2131_lores
MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2140_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2143_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2144_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2184_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2041_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2045_lores
MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2085_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2019_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2111_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2194_lores

I was reminded of dadaist Tristian Tzara

MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2210_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2195_lores
MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2235_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2245_lores2 MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2292_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2295_lores MickaelLoir_Paris_Dandy_byRoseCallahan_090311_2255_lores

The vintage MG was just purchased and driven from UK to Paris a few days earlier, just in time for the rain...



  1. What a wonderful discovery. Very much enjoyed your photos and story, which created such a vivid narrative about this man and where he lives.

  2. I really enjoy your blog and sees it as a great discovery. I am pleased to see that dandyism and elegance is still important to some of us and has not been completely eclipsed by the comfort and simplicity of modernity.

  3. @petite bourgeoise I agree! Thank you for your thoughts.


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