Dr. Churchwell takes Manhattan


Dr. Andre Churchwell, the esteemed cardiologist from Tennessee, recently visited NYC, and Bruce Boyer thought we should meet.  I think he was right!  Here you see Dr. Churchwell sporting his "mill suit" inspired by the Duke of Windsor, and tailored by Leonard Logsdail.  This suit makes a terrific impression, and it seems to have become quite legendary - I mean, it has it's own name!  He likes to add vintage touches - like these bright yellow felt braces and tie bar - but prefers bespoke suits, as do his two brothers whom I have yet to meet (but you know I will!).

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6903_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6877_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6937_lores

The frames he wears are bespoke, too, inspired by glasses Cary Grant once wore.  This detail goes only part way to describe Dr. Churchwell's fine-tuned fascination with classic films, and the clothes worn by those legends of style.  And as we walk we talk about how being a gentleman is not just in how a person dresses, but in their actions - or as Dr.  Churchwell puts it - in their civility to each other.

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6697_bw_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6656_rt2_lores

Stopping in for a visit to his longtime tailor, Len Logsdail.

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6669_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6663_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102011_6714_lores

I just love these amazing embroidered vintage braces!  The suit and colors are classic and a bit understated, and then open up the jacket and voila!  Having fun, but always the gentleman.

AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6834_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6841_lores AndreChurchwell_RoseCallahan_dandy_102311_6837_lores

The Bearded Man


Ouigi Theodore of Brooklyn Circus, at the book signing for Gary Cooper: Enduring Style at Leffot, NYC, Nov 15, 2011.  Finally got to meet "The Bearded Man"!  I definitely want to do a profile on this singular fellow.
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