2013 - A Year of Beauty, Elegance, and Creativity

Always the perfect glass of champagne at Mister Burton's

I'm sure you've all had the experience where there aren't words to describe how you feel - perhaps it's love, perhaps it's hate, perhaps it's a strange cocktail of many feelings at once?  At this moment I have no words to describe the deep gratitude I have for all the amazing people, opportunities, experiences I've been able to enjoy this year.  What a year 2013 has been!

For dramatic effect I must tell you that in May I got married to Kelly Desmond Bray, the love of my life, and the man who inspired me to first start The Dandy Portraits.  At the same time we were planning the wedding I was contacted by Gestalten to do the book, I am Dandy.  Well, I thought, ok, this is how it's gonna happen.  Alright let's go!  The book happened very quickly, so right off of the tails of the wedding, planning for the launch parties in London, Paris, New York kicked in to high gear.  There were so many people that helped with the parties and promotions - and this has been a big reason why the book is a success.  I can honestly say this - because I am Dandy is in it's second printing!

I want to profoundly thank Kelly, Natty Adams, Gestalten - Sven Ehmann, Lina Kunimoto, Gieves and Hawkes, Ray Fensham, Tony Sylvester, Steven Hitchcock & Celia, Hugo Jacomet, Lorenzo & Massimo Cifonelli, Massimiliano & Sorrel Mocchia di Coggiola, Rocco de Robien of Très Honoré, David Zyla & Chris Poe, The National Arts Club, Bruce Boyer, Glenn O'Brien, Bergdorf Goodman, Amber & Jake of Against Nature/Doyle Mueser, Matt & Enrique of Fine & Dandy Shop.  

One of the greatest moments I had this year was at my wedding when I looked up during the reception and realized how intensely beautiful everything was.  It sounds silly, but it was just one of those rare moments.  I'm privileged to experience such beauty and my greatest joy is to record it.  Kelly and I have decided to dedicate our lives to Beauty, Elegance, and Creativity - so that is my wish to you in this New Year!

Enjoy these photos from Massimiliano & Sorrel's recent trip to New York, and the party Mister Burton had in their honor.

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I am Dandy Exhibit Opening Photos

At the I am Dandy exhibit opening, National Arts Club, Nov 18, NYC

For ONE WEEK ONLY (Nov 18-22) 15 prints and excerpts from the book I am Dandy are on display at the National Arts Club Marquis Gallery at 15 Gramercy Park South.  Prints are for sale for the duration of the show in two sizes - 20x30in and 12x18in - both framed and unframed.   Please stop by while you have the chance!

Meanwhile, please enjoy these great shots by Jane Kratochvil of our opening celebration on Nov 18 (more here).  Very special thanks to David Zyla & the National Arts Club Fashion Committee, our drinks sponsors Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur (so good!) & Hendrick's Gin, Matt & Enrique of Fine & Dandy for being THE bookseller for the evening, and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer for gracing us with his first show in NYC! 

IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0438_rt IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0349
Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer playing for the I am Dandy crowd on his inaugural visit to NYC from London.  Martin Pengelly of the Guardian US wrote about the momentous occasion.  He is also playing the Way Station (Nov 21) and The Slipper Room (Nov 27).

IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0304 IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0178_rt
Great to see G. Bruce Boyer and Simon Doonan, both book subjects, some by to celebrate.

Wonderful artist Robert W. Richards showing off his true colors, courtesy Paul Smith.

Raymond Chu and Domenico Spano

David Zyla

IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0248 IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0346_rt
Natty and I were honored to have Dr. Andre Churchwell from Nashville join us.

IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0191 IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0198
Martin Pengelly of the Guardian US and Mr. B

Enrique Crame lll, Dandy Wellington, and Matt Fox

IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0243 IAMDANDY_NationalArtsClub_0181
Matthew Karl Gale, Keith Tritto, David DeLucia, Andrew Yamato

Mister Burton, Daphne Malfitano, Laura Kimsey, Pandora

Daphne in THAT dress.

I am Dandy Exhibit - Mr B is Coming to Town for Opening Nov 18!

Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer (shown here in London 2009) will be playing the I am Dandy exhibit opening Nov 18.  This will be his first time performing in NYC - a rare treat!  

VERY EXCITED to be officially announcing the I am Dandy week long exhibit at the National Arts Club Nov 18-22.  You are all invited to the opening party on Mon Nov 18 from 6-8pm, but YOU MUST RSVP (see announcement below).  Space is limited, so DO IT NOW!

I have been imploring Mr. B to come to NYC ever since I first met him at the Chap Ball in 2009 in London.   I think he is just delightful, and unlike anything you will find in NYC.   The very special performance he give for us at the Nov 18 opening should not be missed!  Be sure to check his website and Facebook page for other performances.

Mr. B at the Chap Ball, London, 2009

I am Dandy - Book Trailer Video

"But I aspire to be the purple stripe, that is, the garment’s brilliant hem.  However small a part it may be, it can still manage to make the garment as a whole attractive.  Don’t tell me, then, ‘Be like the rest,’ because in that case I cannot be the purple stripe."

–Epictetus, On Human Freedom

That is Natty reading an excerpt from his introduction for I am Dandy, along with Winston Chesterfield playing his piano when Kelly and I first visited him in London, Sept 2011.

Enjoy! Share!

I am Dandy Book Party at Fine and Dandy Shop - Nov 7

Congrats to my good friends Enrique and Matt of Fine and Dandy Shop - they just got married!

On November 7 they are throwing a book party for I am Dandy at their beautiful shop in Hell's Kitchen.
The date also marks the 1 year anniversary of opening their brick and mortar shop!

445 West 49th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues

Space is limited!  RSVP@FineAndDandyShop.com

I am Dandy - Against Nature Book Signing Photos

Nathaniel Adams and Alan Cumming at Against Nature, Oct 20, 2013

We had a grand ol' time celebrating I am Dandy on Oct 20 at Against Nature thanks to owners, Jake Mueser and Amber Doyle.  Natty is the manager there, so it made perfect sense.  They have hosted many a legendary party, and I think this one was pretty top notch;  Alan Cumming dropped by (he gets bespoke from Against Nature), Dr. Andre Churchwell was in town from Nashville, and we kept the place buzzing all evening.  Then right in the middle of it all a whisper went thru the crowd "Bill Cunningham is here".  The iconic New York Times street style photographer rode his bike all the way down to the Lower East Side, and, as he locked up, more whispers kept us updated as to his progress.  It was quite an experience.  What a lovely man...he called us "kids".  More photos here.

Bill Cunningham posing Jake Mueser, Domenico Spano, and Amber Doyle

Flash bulbs all a flitter to capture sock details on Richard Aloisio.

Nathaniel Adams, Bill Cunningham, and me looking quite happy in my Against Nature suit.

Dr. Andre Churchwell and Mimmo sign our special copies of I am Dandy.

Richard Aloisio looking dapper in a Domenico Spano creation.

101913_3936_lores 101913_3895_lores 101913_3902_lores
Lovely ladies like Laura Kimsey and her friend appreciate well dressed men also!

I am Dandy book subjects Michael Arenella and Andrew Yamato.

I'm sorry I didn't get this chap's name - he had a great look.

I am Dandy book subjects Michael Salerno and Matt Fox of Fine and Dandy Shop.

Theodore Crispino of Rifle Quality

New found use of the work room?

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