I am Dandy - Against Nature Book Signing Photos

Nathaniel Adams and Alan Cumming at Against Nature, Oct 20, 2013

We had a grand ol' time celebrating I am Dandy on Oct 20 at Against Nature thanks to owners, Jake Mueser and Amber Doyle.  Natty is the manager there, so it made perfect sense.  They have hosted many a legendary party, and I think this one was pretty top notch;  Alan Cumming dropped by (he gets bespoke from Against Nature), Dr. Andre Churchwell was in town from Nashville, and we kept the place buzzing all evening.  Then right in the middle of it all a whisper went thru the crowd "Bill Cunningham is here".  The iconic New York Times street style photographer rode his bike all the way down to the Lower East Side, and, as he locked up, more whispers kept us updated as to his progress.  It was quite an experience.  What a lovely man...he called us "kids".  More photos here.

Bill Cunningham posing Jake Mueser, Domenico Spano, and Amber Doyle

Flash bulbs all a flitter to capture sock details on Richard Aloisio.

Nathaniel Adams, Bill Cunningham, and me looking quite happy in my Against Nature suit.

Dr. Andre Churchwell and Mimmo sign our special copies of I am Dandy.

Richard Aloisio looking dapper in a Domenico Spano creation.

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Lovely ladies like Laura Kimsey and her friend appreciate well dressed men also!

I am Dandy book subjects Michael Arenella and Andrew Yamato.

I'm sorry I didn't get this chap's name - he had a great look.

I am Dandy book subjects Michael Salerno and Matt Fox of Fine and Dandy Shop.

Theodore Crispino of Rifle Quality

New found use of the work room?


  1. The mystery fellow in blue is Frans Nieuwendam from Suitsupply in Soho. He does fab made-to-measure consultation.


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