Wale Oyejide

Wale Oyejide, Philadelphia, June 2011

I stopped by Wale Oyejide's home in Philly on my way back from the Seersucker Social in Washington DC in June 2011.   We walked around his neighborhood and people stared and the old lady on the corner asked him who he was to be getting photographed and we got to know each other a little.  I know him from his blog Less Gentlemen, and found out he is quite a musician, originally from Nigeria, and also a lawyer.

One might not consider him a dandy - that illusive term - because his style is somewhat understated, but he takes such care with his clothing and all the details...what else could it be called?  If not dandy, then what?  Is there another term we should be using?  Well, he is certainly a gentleman.  And he understands that dressing well is revolutionary in a world of sweatpants and sneakers.






A Suitable Wardrobe


Recently, I met up with Will Boehlke of the great blog about classic menswear A Suitable Wardrobe.  He was visiting NYC, and staying at his club - The Penn Club. Very old world chic.  (Note to self:  join a club with an amazing landmark club building)

So after chatting a bit we decided to collaborate on some upcoming stories, which is very exciting.  He seems to know just about everything, and everyone, pertaining to bespoke tailoring and traditional menswear.  I shall learn a lot.  For instance - now I know what airplane shoes are! These are Will's bespoke W. S. Foster airplane shoes, to be worn "only on those flights that arrive before 6pm local time":

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