I am Dandy - The Journey Begins

Happy beyond belief with the book. Life is but a wonderful dream! #IamDandy
My advanced copy of I am Dandy, finally in my hands!

It's a bit obvious these days that I've been neglecting the meaty posts here on The Dandy Portraits.  But you can understand, what with THE BOOK just about to launch!  Very exciting times.  Most of the action is happening on my instagram these days - so head on over and take a look - I use #IamDandy for all the book related posts.  It's just so easy to use on the go - and the video function is pretty fun too!  I'm also posting to the facebook page for the book.

I'll be in London and Paris later this month, and you bet there will be a lot of documentation.

Here's the moment I actually unwrapped my copy of the book...well, it is big, you'll see!

The image below was posted by Marc Sifuentes of the first spotting of the book in Paris.  I don't even know him!

My book is in PARIS! #IamDandy spotted by @marcsifuentes cc @nattyadams

Dandy Wellington playing around with my advanced copy at Against Nature...

Doing a little time in front of the camera for Gestalten.tv for their upcoming video on the book.  I'm trying!  I feel the pain of all those who don't like the camera.

Nice folks filming nervous little me for a video about the book #IamDandy

And as my advanced copy makes the rounds, I get to witness people experiencing the project for the first time, which gives me a whole new perspective on the work.  It brings up some damn good discussions, too!

@tansyburlesque and lady friend having a look at my book #IamDandy #ladieslovewelldressedmen #lifeisbutadream


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