In Paris...

Mickael Loir and Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola at Cafe Nemours, Paris, Sept 2013

I've been in Paris a few days, seeing old friends and making a few new ones.  Soon enough I'll be back in NYC, so I'm trying to just enjoy the this one.  

On Sept 30 will be the Paris launch of I am Dandy with two celebrations!  More on that on the I am Dandy facebook page.  


  1. I received my copy yesterday. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, Rose. A masterwork. Admittedly a good number of the gentlemen depicted are over the top even by my standards but the book is great fun. Well done, both of you. Hopefully you'll hold a signing in the L.A. area and I can get it autographed then.

    1. I am so glad to hear you're enjoying the book! I think what is so interesting to see about the photos in book form is that there can be the variety of people, but it somehow makes sense. Maybe it's reading there stories also that adds to it - ? And that, as you say, even if you don't want to dress like some men, it's pretty fun to see it all. Many thanks, and hope to visit LA to do a signing in the spring!

  2. Really thanks for your amazing book. The pics are well done with inspiration.
    I'ill make advertizing of it on my website to morrow.
    Best regards


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