I am Dandy at Steven Hitchcock's


On Sept 19 Steven Hitchcock and the lovely Celia hosted a party for I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman at their new shop at 11 Saint George Street in London.  They have only recently moved into this beautiful location filled with many original fixtures from 1920s, so the party was also a bit of a "shop warming" for them.   Since Natty and I had only a week in London for the book, we thought to make the most of it!  Steven's party was the perfect compliment to our launch at Gieves and Hawkes.  Many thanks to the gracious hosts who kept the champagne flowing!

"I am Natty"

Everyone always gathers in the back room... "Butler", Steven Hitchcock, John Hitchcock, Jake Mueser, and Natty Adams  having a good time.  This reminds me of this famous photo.

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I got to finally meet the legendary John Hitchcock, Steven's father.


If you are in London, I recommend visiting Steven and Celia.  They also have a limited number of I am Dandy for sale - and I think there just might be a few signed copies left!

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