The Enormity of Ties with Mr. Crowley

Sean Crowley's tie collection, Brooklyn, Feb 2011
How does one go about choosing a tie when you have a selection like this?  Sean Crowley, a neckwear designer himself, has literally thousands to choose from.  I imagined that he might just cover his eyes and let fate take over when it came to the enormity of his tie choices, but after talking to him I realize he does not suffer from this dilemma. In fact, the tie isn't even the first thing he thinks of when deciding what to wear.  He says this process does not happen in a regimented way, rather he might be inspired by an occasion or a certain piece of clothing that seems right for that day.  In this last installment of my visit to Mr. Crowley, we see him in a typical work wear outfit.

Sean Crowley at home with his ties, Brooklyn, Feb 2011

His tie clip has a delicate fox head over a polo mallet.

A selection of vintage cricket caps 


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  1. That's not a polo mallet, it's a hunting crop, a species of riding crop. The part you took for the mallet head is a sort of hook, typically made from antler, used for pulling gates open and closed from horseback.


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