Mr. Crowley, Part 1


felted acid yellow suspenders
Just a sneak peek at a few details from my visit with Mr. Crowley and Ms. Modzelewski on Sun.  There will be portraits, pipe smoke, pajamas, cocktails, and ties-ties-ties!   I had this great feeling of giddiness as I left their epic apt, and could not get home fast enough to look at the pictures.


  1. Sean's a brilliant dresser, and a damn good fellow. This pairing of tie and tweed pattern is inspired.

  2. Anxiously waiting for more to come...:-)

  3. This man knows how to live...and live well! I simply love the ties and am in awe to the beauty of all of Mr. Crowley's ties and the subsequent palette of color they bring at once. If only I could raid his closet once!


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