Painting the Town Blue with Dr. Keith Churchwell


The dapper gentleman here is Dr. Keith Churchwell of Nashville, brother of a recent Dandy Portraits subject, Dr. Andre Churchwell.  Yes, both distinguished doctors, and yes, both exceptional dressers.  The Churchwells are certainly a family blessed with abundant talent and style - and there are still three more siblings I haven't met!

Keith attributes his desire for elegance to his father, the late Robert Churchwell, who was the first African American journalist to report for a major southern newspaper, The Nashville Banner.  From 1950 -1981 he worked for the Banner, most notably reporting on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement.  The elder Churchwell's pioneering role in the Movement has been immortalized in David Halberstam's book The Children, and a profile of his life can be viewed here.  Keith recalls that he always saw his father impeccably dressed - it was part and parcel of his personality - and this heritage naturally influenced Keith's own flair for dressing.

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After I our initial meeting at the clubhouse that is Len Logsdail's,  I thought it might be fun to meet up with him before he and his wife Leslie went out for a Broadway Show on Saturday night.  There was talk of a midnight blue velvet jacket...

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Charming the passers by on Fifth Avenue



  1. Great shots. Love all the details that you capture. Dr. Churchwell has a great smile, too!

  2. I have seen the two Churchwell's profiled before, but never knew there were three more. Now, I'm intrigued.

  3. Great photos! Must catch up on some reading on Dr Keith's brother also!

  4. Great pictures! I just do not like it, when ties are so long that they hang over the waistband.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Outstanding shots and article comments! These guys are true GENTLEMEN through and through. I have had the good fortune of being aquainted with all the Churchwell brothers for more than 15 years.


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