Seersucker Summer with Dr. Churchwell

Dr. Andre Churchwell, NYC, May 2012

Phone rings

Me:  Hello...

Voice:  Hi Rose, it's Andre Churchwell....(insert niceties)...I'm coming to Manhattan for the weekend with the family, and it would be great to see you again!  I'll be wearing a really marvelous pink seersucker DB with a straw boater to the symphony on Saturday....

Me:  When and where?  I'm there!

This is the life of an exquisite gentleman...causing a stir in with the rarely-done-because-thoroughly-impractical double breasted seersucker.  Almost as impractical as the three piece seersucker worn by Natty Adams.

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Outside the Plaza Hotel...quite the classic Hollywood look.


Striking color combination on this Mogador tie Churchwell helped design with Anthony T. Kirby

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Then we snuck some photos inside near the gorgeous Palm Court...


First Look:
Hat: Brooks Brothers Italian straw boater
Suit: bespoke pink/white seersucker double breasted suit
Shirt: Steve Kempson NYC
Tie: Bruer
Shoes: Peal white leather wingtips
Socks: Paul Stuart

Second Look:
Hat:  Worth and Worth porkpie coconut hat with the wide linen band - "Frank Sinatra’s – Cavanaugh Hat model of the 1950’s"
Jacket:  Len Logsdail houndstooth jacket with leather covered buttons attached by a shank - "coat done in 1930’s sport coat model"
Shirt: David Mercer and Sons
Tie: Anthony T. Kirby
Trousers:  bespoke full cut cream garbardine trousers
Shoes:  Polo/Ralph Lauren two-tone spectators, white buck with brown leather cap toes
Bag:  Bergdorf Goodman :)


  1. Love that B&W spectator shot.

  2. These are absolutely awesome pics of an truly stylish and sophisticated dresser!

  3. The pink seersucker is fantastic!

  4. Really great pictures Rose! How much of it is post production?

    1. Tech talk! The post production was mostly to get colors true to life and not let highlights burn out - especially on the light pink seersucker. The street shot was most complex because he was in a shaded area. I had to open up shadows a bit.

  5. Rose,
    I'm curious - would you happen to know if Dr. Churchwell's seersucker db has a center vent, double vents or is ventless? Great pics - always love to see what the good doctor is sporting :-)
    Dan F. (An Uptown Dandy)

    1. His db has side vents (English vents). Thanks for your comment!

  6. Just fell in love with Dr.Churchwell.
    Pink! (pink!) seersucker!

  7. I love the blog! Greetings from Poland :)


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