Fine Day

Dr. Keith Churchwell in NYC, Jan 2013

Catching that elusive fading light on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  It changes right before your eyes, and you gotta enjoy it while it lasts - or try to get it on "film".  The portrait is very hopeful, so I'd like to offer it as clear look forward into our coming year.



  1. Must've just missed Dr. Keith, as I was in Len Logsdail's shop the previous day; ordering my first piece from LL.
    Would have liked to have met Keith, a fellow Tennessean, who's style I much admire. BTW, Rose, Len speaks highly of you. Rick

  2. Love this blog. Have you heard about the drench brand Jicquy les Mirettes ( The creator is doing amazing ties.

  3. admirable style, beautiful pictures and wonderful blog,,, congratulations


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