At the Campbell Apartment

Christian Chensvold at the Campbell Apartment, NYC, Jan 2011
Mr. Chensvold was one of the founders (along with Michael Mattis and Nick Willard) of, which for about five years, beginning in 2004, created articles and aggregated info about past and present dandies.   In 2008 he founded Ivy Style, a blog dedicated to a nostalgic view of collegiate fashion and lifestyle.

Although it is hard to define what is a dandy, Chensvold would probably agree he has always been very much on the "trad" end of it.  Because of his work with I think he is an important part of the story of dandyism as it has been expressed over the last decade.


  1. He's a witty man and a dandiphile - someone who studies dandyism. He is not however a dandy - he doesn't have the sartorial flair. A dandies clothes would not make you yawn.

  2. "If John Bull turns around to look at you, you are not well dressed; but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable" -- George Bryan Brummell

  3. If that overly-cited epigram were true, we would have never heard of Brummell: no one would've noticed him. But they did. His elegance was conspicuous.

    A dandy is not a gentleman: he is a sly parody of one.

  4. Ah, Mr. Crawford! A truer word was seldom spoken... I am sick with ennui of these pseudo-dandy stoics who, deep down, just want to wear a suit like daddy did but nevah, nevah anything actually inventive...



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