Rory Duffy - Bespoke in Brooklyn

Rory Duffy, bespoke tailor, Brooklyn, March 2013

Just around the corner from me, and a few flights up, is a gem of a Savile Row trained tailor, Rory Duffy, who has recently established himself in New York City.  Andrew Yamato introduced me to the young Irishman, and I had a good time chatting with him about his work and the suit he made that won the prestigious Golden Shears award, all the while drinking a good bit of prosecco.


Rory shows us the suit he made that won the Golden Shears 2009, the UK's highest prize for tailoring.  Oh, just an amazingly crafted frock coat with kilt (!) and waistcoat done in a blue window pane (that Dr. Andre Churchwell might find familiar).  Please, someone create an occasion just so this suit can be worn, and I can attend!

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Behind the unassuming brick facade there is a real craftsman at work, and Brooklyn should be glad to have him!

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  1. Lovely post, exceptional person, exceptional clothing, as usual! ... Don't want to be a smart-arse, but that's actually a morning coat (cutaway front), not a frock coat (full front)... I still would like to see the complete outfit together!

    1. Marcus, I thought the same thing, but it was described as a "frockcoat" by Savile Row Style magazine and Savile Row Bespoke Association:

      Not sure what goes into the definition...Perhaps someone out there has insight?
      There are some shots of the ensemble on a model...but it would be fun to see on a non-model also!

  2. You're both right, and Savile Row Style is wrong--it's a morning coat! (Albeit a crazy one ;-)


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