Classic Summer

Michael R Davis, aka "The Kid", plays trumpet in Dandy Wellington's band

A dapper party-goer, Michael R. Davis, and Dandy Wellington at the Seersucker Social

We made our way down to Washington DC once again for the Seersucker Social put on by a purely social endeavor:  Dandies and Quaintrelles.  I don't think we have anything like this in NYC, do we?  It's not a club, not a business, but a social group that puts on events to get people to, well, socialize.

There have been a lot of summer activities and I've been getting out more than usual (yay!), so "Classic Summer" seems to be the theme here on The Dandy Portraits.  A bit of vintage, bit of dandy, bit of Americana - whatever you want to call it, the men I'm meeting strive to dress well no matter what the god awful heat.   By the way, why is a boater a summer hat?  They are so hot to wear!

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This man with the great stripes came up to say hello to Wellington, and it turns out he is a fan of The Dandy Portraits!  Now if I could just remember his name.... Help me out if you know him please.



  1. Mr. Wellington has gone a little over the top with his outfit. That's a pity as I was used to see him much better dressed than with this, by your leave, clown suit.
    The other two gentlemen here have done much better in my opinion.

    1. Aww that's pretty tough on DW! He was performing, after all. Anyways I pretty much like whatever he wears because it's the whole package.

    2. So much the worse. I do not doubt his ability to style in general, as he looked quite great "in the Winter Light", at " Time to shine" or at "A good evening". Generally, I love his flamboyant way of reviving the roaring twenties, but that time it's simply...well, just lock at the socks. They are in fact the part that does not quite fit in. I can't help it.


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