I am Dandy at Dapper Day in LA!

It's fine and dandy at the #jazzagelawnparty @finendandyshop

Have you heard of Dapper Day?

It is the event where over ten thousand people visit Disneyland just for the purposes of wearing their "Sunday best"!  Yes, you heard it right, thousands of people simply want to dress up nice and have a good time.  For the upcoming Dapper Day festivities in Los Angeles Feb 22-23 Natty and I were invited by founder Justing Jorgensen to have a party for I am Dandy which will include a talk and Q&A, cocktails, shoeshines by John Allan's, and various give aways for the "most dandy" of the crowd.

"Let's Talk Dandy" was just announced for Saturday Febuary 22, 2014 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.
It's free and open to all, but you MUST RSVP

We will be out in LA for a few extra days, and I'm curious about meeting more dandies out there...if you have any recommends please let me know at dandyportraits at gmail.  Be sure to follow me on instagram @rcallahanphoto to see the journey

Photo of Enrique of FineAndDandyShop.com at the Jazz Age Lawn Party, 2012

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