Fast Eddie Hayes

Ed Hayes at home in Manhattan, March 2012

How do I describe Ed Hayes?  Legendary New York lawyer?  Really, he is just legendary.  Tom Wolfe dedicated Bonfire of the Vanities to him:
"Doffing his hat, the author dedicates this book to counselor Eddie Hayes, who walked  among the flames, pointing at the lurid lights"
I was having drinks with a few menswear enthusiasts the other night - a couple of them legends themselves - and someone mentioned "Fast Eddie".  I asked who is this, how do I not know them?!  Well, it was Ed Hayes they were talking about (only good stuff, Ed).  He knows just about everyone, and has seen just about everything.  Lucky for us he wrote a memoir a few years ago so we can get the whole story:  Mouthpiece: A Life in -- and Sometimes Just Outside -- the Law

I was introduced to Ed thru Sven Raphael Schneider of the Gentlemen's Gazette, who featured him recently, along with a selection of my photos.   It gives a lot more background and context than I will here at The Dandy Portraits, so do check it out.  Here, I want to show you the clothes, the colors, the ostentatious details, the overflowing closet, the character, and the charm of Ed Hayes.  

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It's what's on the inside that matters.  Purple satin.

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Heading up to his closet to change, Ed walks passed a painting by his friend the late Richard Merkin, and vintage black and white crime scene photos.

No space is wasted in Mr. Hayes closet.

032212_3355_lores 032212_3264_lores
Vibrant colors, braces, and the dimple in his tie - always the dimple.

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The tips of these bespoke shoes are monogrammed with the initials of his children

032212_3317_lores 032212_3381_lores
Just a cast iron dragon at his front door.  Better make an appointment.

He has his tailors build the collar so it does that thing he likes - kinda curve a bit.

He asked me if I wanted to see the first shoes he ever had custom made.  Sure do.  With years of care they still wear well.  Ed started spending his money on clothes as soon as he had any.

032212_3424_lores 032212_3446_lores
Finishing touches..the pocket square and a few hard looks in the mirror.

A photo hangs in his bedroom of the late Richard Merkin, Hayes, and Tom Wolfe.  Below is a framed letter from Tom Wolfe signed "Your herald, Tom"

Back to the business...dueling smart phones, calming the rich and powerful and in trouble.
Thanks Ed!


  1. That navy-blue suit with cuffs and cloth-covered buttons is hilarious ! Mr. Hayes really is the best dressed lawyer I've ever seen.

  2. A perfect example of not liking the apparel (a little out there for me) but admiring the style. Beautiful.

  3. Nice black checked suit


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