Dandy Wellington - Film Teaser

At last week's Dandy Talk we played this one minute teaser for the second short film for The Dandy Portraits produced by Rarebit Productions, my film company with Kelly Desmond Bray.  What a surprising treat it was to see it projected in front of an audience!

This time get a peek into the life and philosophy of Dandy Wellington, a man of many talents, and may bow ties.  We follow him from his home in Harlem, thru the streets of Manhattan, to the downtown speakeasies he frequently plays at with his vintage jazz band.

The first in the series on Sean Crowley can be viewed here.

1 comment:

  1. Ohh man! Where are You live? You are my idol!
    I want to write Your cirriculum vitae on my blog. Plese contact me. Polish dandys are waiting ofr You!


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