Just Dandy

Dandy Wellington after a show at Bishops and Barons, NYC, Aug 2012

Dandy Wellington and His Band will be performing after my Dandy Talk this Friday, October 5 at the National Arts Club.  What I love about his band is that they create a wonderful atmosphere where ever they play.  It feels classic and joyous and intimate.  I can't wait to see these well dressed men (and sometimes ladies!) perform in the grand National Arts Club!


  1. Now, that's a great outfit. Razor-sharp. Thumbs up!

  2. Dearest Rose:: Lenny and I have been immersed in your Dandy photos since Lenny found you on Tumblr. We are blown away by these beautiful photographs and your work through the years in general. How far you have come! I believe this last photo of Dandy Wellington is my personal favorite though if I were pressed, it would be difficult to choose. We wish you even more success with this lavish and beautiful book and we are looking forward to its release. I may buy a coffee table to put it on! We love you, Nickie and Lenny


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