Autumn in New York...Churchwell Style

Dr. Andre Churchwell in Central Park, Oct 20, 2012

Well look who came to visit right before the big storm - before all the leaves were blown away? Why it was Dr. Churchwell, of course!  He could be called the flaneur of Central Park here.  

Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting?  The song by Vernon Duke performed by Ella Fitzgerald is our soundtrack today....

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What I most enjoy about Dr. Churchwell's well developed style is that he's bold with color and comes up with the most wonderful combinations...and he has so much fun with it.  It takes a creative eye to see color this way.

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Clothing notes:

Hat:  custom made pinch crown pork pie styled after Fred Aistaire
Suit:  bespoke maroon window pane by Len Logsdail, in a hacking style with turn back cuffs and slanted pockets
Shirt:  custom shirt from Turnbull & Asser
Tie:  Drake's from FM Allen in Nashville
Pocket Square:  Drake's for Alan Flusser
Vest:  with lapels in suede
Shoes:  Northampton by Stephen Kempson
Glasses:  Ralph Lauren


  1. Is the suit maroon? It appears to be purple on my computer.

    Mark E. Seitelman

    1. Mark,
      The fabric is pretty hard to pin down on film - when you see it up close the red come out more, but when you are further away it looks more blue/purple. I suppose it is more of an aubergine color - ? Or perhaps just purple...or all of the above!
      Thanks for you comment,

  2. Those clothes look so comfortable on him! There is nothing that beats a well fitted suit!


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