Fine and Dandy Shop is Open in NYC!

Congrats @fineanddandyshop The shop looks amazing! Enrique & Matt in front of 445 W49th btw 9-10 #menswear cc@finendandyshop
Enrique and Matt, the proud shopkeepers, in front of Fine and Dandy at 445 West 49th Street, NYC

My good friends at Fine and Dandy Shop have been cultivating a great menswear accessories business online for years now, and they recently set up a "brick and mortar" shop in Hell's Kitchen!  I visited them last weekend and I thought the store looked fantastic.  Their pieces are mixed with all their antique displays and budding collection of vintage photographs of men, and it felt like the perfect place to hang out.   

The headline could read:  "From Online to On Your Block: The Future of Retail Today"  right?   I wish them all the best!

Photos are snapped on my iphone using instagram.  You can follow me there @rcallahanphoto

Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3905 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3912 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3911
And the Tie Selector has a home, too!

Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3913 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3908 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3915 Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC_3906

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  1. What a beautiful shop! Seems it is time to travel to NYC again next year.


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